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What Happens If You Fall into a Black Hole?

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It is safe to say that black holes are one of the most mysterious objects in space. They have long been thought of as bottomless pits with a gravitational force so strong, nothing can escape their grasp. But what would happen if you fell into one? Would you be crushed by the immense gravity, or would you become part of the fabric of spacetime itself? Here is everything we know about what would happen if someone fell into a black hole.

What Is A Black Hole?

Black Hole

To understand why you can’t simply swan dive or launch your spaceship into a black hole, you must first comprehend the fundamental qualities of these gravitational behemoths. A black hole is a region of space with an extremely strong gravitational pull. Anything that enters the area around it gets sucked in and devoured, never to be seen again. A star becomes a black hole when its core runs out of fuel, collapses under gravity, and compresses into such a tiny volume that not even light can escape from it (hence the name).

Types Of Black Holes

Black Hole

Given their immense power, black holes come in a variety of sizes. The smallest kind is called a stellar black hole and is created when the core of a star collapses under its own weight into an area so small that light can’t escape from it.

Supermassive black holes are found in the center of galaxies where they provide fuel for stars living there to grow and thrive around them. They have masses equivalent to millions or even billions of suns combined.

Invisible “mini” versions also exist known as quantum mechanical point-like objects which appear near heavily armed cities on Earth whenever portals open up between universes. These tiny keyhole entrances allow higher dimensional beings access to our world without being detected by humans, but if you looked directly at one you would be instantly annihilated.

How Do We Know Black Holes Exist?

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Black holes have been theorized about for centuries, but it wasn’t until the early 20th century that scientists had any evidence they actually existed. This all changed when in 1919 an astronomer named Arthur Eddington observed a total solar eclipse. During the eclipse, he noticed that stars near the edge of the sun’s disc were slightly out of position from where they should be according to Newtonian physics. Eddington concluded that this was because the strong gravitational force of the sun was bending light around it. This phenomenon is now known as gravitational lensing and is used by astronomers today to determine the mass and location of black holes.

What Would Happen If You Fell In One?

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When you fall into a black hole, the gravitational force is so strong that not even light can escape from it. As such, if you were to get close enough for one of these galactic vampires to suck you in via its immense gravity, your body would be ripped apart cell by cell and placed under an infinite amount of stress as time slowed down immensely.

You will also start to encounter objects known as singularities which are points where all dimensions converge on themselves. And become infinitely large or small relative to their surroundings (sort of like how some experts think our universe started at the Big Bang). This means that just before getting absorbed within a singularity’s event horizon, everything outside of it will appear larger than life while things inside it disappear entirely. The closer you get to the singularity, the more distorted everything becomes.

Eventually, your atoms will be stretched so thin that they’ll break down into elementary particles like quarks and electrons. These particles will then be crushed together until they form what’s called a “degenerate matter” which is an ultra-dense state that takes up very little space.

As for what happens after that, no one really knows for sure. Some scientists speculate that you might continue to exist in this ultra-dense state forever, while others believe that eventually even these particles would be destroyed and your consciousness would be forever lost.


The bottom line is that if you fall into a black hole, there’s no telling what might happen to you. You could end up being crushed, stretched, or vaporized into nothingness – and that’s not even including the possibility of encountering a singularity. So, if you’re ever near one please just stay away!


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